An Amazingly Effective Life Time Solution…

Take a few moments next time you come across a badly working sliding door and have a really good look at the track.

Look at the ends of the track and you will see what it should look like and then follow it back and see the damaged flat spots, the dips and splits. It is this damage that will rip your rollers apart no matter how many times you pay to replace them.

Only fixing the track can stop the ongoing maintenance costs from eating a hole in your pocket.We understand how you feel when things simply don’t work the way they should. If your patio sliding door is damaged to a point where simply changing the rollers is nothing short of a waste of time and money then fixing the track first will be the only long term solution.

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miracle track 1

The good news is there is now a world class affordable solution. The Australian Innovation Patented No. 2013101516 Miracle Stainless Steel Replacement Cover Track will turn the worst working patio sliding door back into a better than new running condition because it can now run on high grade super hard Stainless Steel unlike the soft aluminium of the original track. Wizard is an authorized installer for the Miracle Stainless Steel cover track. You can now have the best for the lowest repair cost ever and solve your Patio Sliding Door problems once and for all.

We guarantee that you will easily open and shut the door when we have fixed your Sliding Patio Door or we won’t charge you one cent, no matter what time or expense we have put into your door. You simply have nothing to lose.

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Do you want a…

  • – Fast turn around with getting things fixed.

  • – Permanent solution to eliminating damaged tracks.

  • – Guarantee to be the lowest cost ever to fix this problem.

  • – Set of top quality rollers replaced at the same time.

  • – Door lock set to work as it should.

  • – Good experience to have things working as they should.

  • – Real value outcome for your property.

  • – Frustrating problem off your back for good.

Wizard Sliding Doors has fixed some of the worst problem sliding patio doors you could ever come across.

We get huge satisfaction serving all our clients who essentially all say the same thing. “The transformation for such a low cost has been simply amazing!”

For a once only low fixed fee we will make your patio door run like new. No longer do you need to face $1500 – $2000+ costs having to replace a badly worn frame and have all the inconvenience that comes with that.

The Wizard way is hassle free and comes with a new Miracle stainless steel cover track, new high grade rollers, a fully cleaned down frame and sill, adjusted locks and we make good any dents in the frame which can also stop the door from running smoothly. With more than eighty six different types of carriages and rollers used in Australia to cover all the Patio Sliding Doors there is little wonder most doors over time have been fitted with a real mishmash of wrong products causing the problems to be amplified which cause even more damage over time. We only fit the best of what is right for your door.

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